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conversation(s) (2013)
Production : Kei Ishikawa film
24min, HD, fiction

A Thousand Years With The Lord (2010)
Production : Pub Angel Production
15min, HD, experimental
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It's all in the fingers (2009)
10min, HD, fiction
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Dear World (2008)
Production : PWSFTviT, POLAND
18min, 35mm, fiction
Czarno na bialym (2007)
Production : PWSFTviT
18min, DV, TV Theatre
The Sky over Mazury (2007)
Production : PWSFTviT, POLAND
10min, 35mm, fiction
bracia (2006)
Production : PWSFTviT, POLAND
18min, DV, fiction
Co Slychac (2006)
Production : PWSFTviT, POLAND
13min, 35mm + DV, documentary
the end of the world (1999)
Production : De Palma, JAPAN
26min, DV, fiction

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